A brand new day for Maiveos

Hey all,

In order to start a new day with Maiveos, I have decided to use my questionable pixel art skill to remake the title screen which will appear in the next Pre-Alpha update. Mikix has made a title screen before he left but I decided its is best to change the composition and overall look so it is relevant with the theme of the game. Mikix's original title (below) has been included here as a reference.


Moving on, this post is intended for dev updates so here is a list of stuff I have been working on in the past week:

  1. Optimized Magesa Temple framerates. Notes: We were getting frame rate iussues due to gpu being overloaded with redundant surface redraws.
  2. Resolved screen tearing issue.
  3. Optimized SFX constructor.
  4. Added option to SFX particle destroy on instance destroy.
  5. Added flame sprite and animation. Created SFX for bon fire.
  6. Added two new objects: standing torch and camp fire and point source
  7. Optimized AI codes and AI Intelligence.
  8. Added Magic attack to AI codes.
  9. Tweaked Tide Warrior AI codes.
  10. Upgraded healthbar and objectives UI
  11. Updated Title screen text image.
  12. Modified the Explosion FX to include Screenshake and Flash.
  13. Added new Lozregs Portrait and Character Animation sprites.
  14. Added Torch Hand held object.
  15. Added Explosive bottle object.

You will notice in the list I have been creating several more sprites for the cinematic experience and doing a ton of code improvements.

Being a game developer is no easy task especially when a game requires multiple media formats and a great deal of talent in order to make a successful game. I have experienced people leaving the group due to personal, family, and financial reasons so its not really a big deal with me even if the project lead decides to give up. Anyway, stay tune for the next Pre-Alpha update because Magesa Temple will be available by then.


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