Warning! Environment hazards now in Maiveos.

Hi all,

I just took some time off to make this cool .gif animation to share with you one of the environmental hazards which is the explosive objects. Environmental hazards, such as explosive barrels or piles of TNT (to name a few) have come a long way in video games that gives player the extra zest in game play. Adding such features creates additional interaction with the player and the environment as well as deepening the level of how a game is played out.

In this game, the explosive bottle (containing shock sensitive liquid explosive) detonates when hit by the player weapon and this sends out a screen shake, flash of white light, and cool explosion animation (took me the whole day to make it) that enhances the game play experience. This explosion affects everything in its surrounding that can be hurt or break (you read that right, the player can get hurt too). Another environment hazard that I will introduce will be crucial in the Magesa Temple and I will reveal it once the cinematic for that level is complete in the next Pre-Alpha update.

So stay tune for the next update and do look forward to the Alpha release once it is done.


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