Minimap for Maiveos

Hey all,

I was discussing with someone back in the forum about needing help with creating a mipmap or mini map for a game. The idea of adding a mini map to Maiveos then struck me because it would be a cool feature to have when the level gets really big. So I dug out some old code I used to have back in GMS 1.4 and started optimizing the code for GMS2 and making it compatible with Maiveos. Now we can see in the picture above a small map appearing at the bottom left of the screen. It also shows the live view of the player location as well. I have not decided where to put it on the GUI, since placing it at the bottom left corner of the screen obstructs the player view.

Whenever I have ideas like this, I will be sure to develop it and deploy it in Maiveos. This way, I get to keep on improving Maiveos by adding these features. So until then, expect the Alpha build to come out in the middle of October.


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