Xbox controller support?

Hey all,

I have been experimenting on game controllers recently and found that the idea is really fascinating since controllers such as the Xbox 360 controller offers analog controls (the thumb sticks and trigger button). Although this was for another project but while I was at it, I was thinking that adding controller support would be a cinch since GMS2 pretty much sets it up automatically. There are still quite a bit to code to add to and besides having analog controls means more headache with adding calibration menu and button mapping.

Still, I didn't get any complains with players (I hope I do) using the FPS keyboard and mouse layout in Maiveos but I doubt anyone wants to play a platformer game with FPS style controls. I will probably add this feature in for the Alpha version since, its not really that important (for me at least).

If you think this is a useful feature to have for Maiveos, please leave a comment down below.


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